Got Questions? Awesome, we’re here to help you. Check our FAQ below.

WaiveCar is the first ever ad-supported and 100% electric car sharing program. Businesses pay us to display their ads on our roof-mounted screens and body wraps. We use those funds to give you 2 FREE hours of driving for every WaiveCar reservation!

After your 2 free hours are up, our rate is the lowest in the carsharing industry at $5.99 per hour!

All you need to sign up with WaiveCar is a smart phone, credit card, a valid driver's license, and a good driving record. Simply download the app from your app store!

To us, a good driving record means one without any:

  • DUIs
  • Moving violations
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Any similar negligent or reckless acts

Nope. We promise there’s REALLY no catch.

We charge a temporary $20 hold on your card when you book a car. It will be refunded as soon as your ride is over, and exists just to make sure there are available funds in case you choose to keep driving past two hours.

You need to be 21 years old.

No. Unfortunately we require a smartphone so that a phone number can be attached to the account as well as GPS services.

Insurance with a $1,000 deductible is included with your signup! The information is in the glove box.

Yes! However, if you have a Pennsylvania license, please email us at as Pennsylvania requires a separate background check form to be filled out.

Also yes. However, you will need to contact your DMV and obtain a driving record. Once received, please email it to us at

Unfortunately, you will need a permanent drivers license to use WaiveCar.

It's surprisingly quick. It should only take about 10 minutes for the signup and the background check to complete. If your waiting time extends longer than an hour, please give us a call at 855-WAIVE55

Our cars are available 24/7. However, Waive HQ is open from 9am-10pm and our customer service line is open from 9am-12am. If you need assistance at other hours, simply send us an email at and we’ll reach out to you ASAP!

Open the app and find the closest available WaiveCar in your location. Hit "Book it"! You then have 15 minutes to get to the car before your reservation times out.

Right now our cars are only dispersed around Santa Monica, CA. In the near future, you will be able to pick them up anywhere in LA and other major cities!

You have 15 minutes to get to your WaiveCar before the reservation times out.
Once you get there, please make sure you start driving. We may have to forfeit your booking if the WaiveCar isn't being used. But don't worry, we send out a message beforehand and you'll have plenty of time to contact us if we've made a mistake.

Unlike a rental company, you cannot reserve a car in advance. Waive believes in the convenience of giving you a free car at a moment's notice. Get them while they’re hot!

Yep! And even better, you’ll get the free 2 hours for every ride.

When you start the ride! Enjoy your leisurely walk.

Nope! The clock keeps ticking whether you’re driving or parked.

Your reservation will expire. So hurry up and rebook before it’s gone! As you can see, we’re a pretty hot commodity.

We have over 100 on LA's west side!

You can drive up to 20 miles outside our HQ in Santa Monica, which includes most of LA. You will get a text message alert when you have passed the boundaries.

You don't need keys to start the car, however if you need to lock the car during your rental, the keys are on a sensor in the glovebox. Just make sure you replace them when you're done!

Our Chevy Spark EVs have 80 miles per charge.

Check the app for the closest fast charger, or download the app "Plugshare". If you’re having trouble, call 855-WAIVE55 and we’ll direct you to the nearest one!

We don't compensate for recharging at third party stations. However, if you drop your WaiveCar off at HQ- we’ll gladly charge it for FREE! Plus, we’ll switch you out for a higher charged car if one is available.

Fast chargers typically cost around $10 and take about 15 minutes. Level 2 chargers take approximately 6 hours to fully charge, but can be free depending on the station! Just call us if there's any confusion.

Yep, you heard correctly!

This one's a big N.O. The ONLY person allowed to drive a WaiveCar is the one who has booked the car!

If you get a ticket, you have 10 days to pay it. If you don't pay it within that time, we will charge your account for the amount due. If you see a ticket from a previous user, simply put it in the glove box.

If the battery is over 25% charged (20 miles), you can park at any 3 hour public parking spot in Santa Monica without paying the meter. If the battery is under 25% charged (20 miles) you MUST return it to headquarters (2102 Pico Blvd).

However after midnight, parking must be valid until 10:00 AM that morning.

Private parking spaces, parking garages, permit-only spots, any business parking lot, or anywhere not in Santa Monica! Make sure to check street signs to confirm there’s no parking restrictions on the spot for 3 hours.

Restricted parking includes:

  • Street parking restricted by signs such as during street sweeping hours.
  • Private lots (Whole Foods, Ralphs, etc.)
  • Private driveways & Permit-only zones
  • Indoor public lots with less than 3 hours of free parking
  • Upside down and engulfed in flames ( but seriously).

In Santa Monica, electric cars park free! Sweet, right?

First make sure that you are parked in a valid spot (see above). Turn off the car, put the key back on the glovebox sensor, grab your belongings, and exit the car. Select "End Ride" from the app and input the appropriate information. If you haven't received a confirmation text, please call us at 855-WAIVE55!

Yes! No need for an extensive cleaning, but make sure all your belongings and trash are removed from the car. If you leave a mess, there could be a cleaning fee!

Nope! Follow the rules above. If the car is under 25% charged (20 miles), simply return it at HQ!

There are some modest fees in order to keep our fleet bright and shiny.

  • Ending with under 20% charge and not brought back to Waive's lot $20
  • Dead Battery / Lights Left On $100
  • Missing Key (Failure to return equipment) $300
  • Parking Violation (any violation of our parking rules) $40
  • Special Cleaning - varies-
  • Smoking $200
  • Pet not in carrier/odor $50
  • Damage to the interior -varies-
  • Vehicle Recovery (if left outside Santa Monica) $300 minimum
  • Declined Credit Card Charges + $5 penalty fee
  • Excess Time (non Waive time) $1 for every 10 mins. ($5.99/hour)

There's a few unfortunate events that can happen where we have pass the costs on to you:

  • Public Garage Parking Fee: Cost to remove vehicle from garage + $40 parking violation
  • Vehicle Recovery (inside Santa Monica): Miscellaneous Recovery Costs
  • Parking Ticket: ticket price + $20.00 Handling fee (unless user pays themselves)
  • Impounded Vehicle: Cost of impound fee + $100 recovery

If the car is physically damaged during the rental ( in an accident or other circumstances), we will hold your $1,000 deposit, and will return it to you if the insurance determines you are not at fault.